Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vienna Day 1

Where do I begin?! We started our day on the wrong note. Google maps led us astray for breakfast. Since we were not able to find the place I wanted to go for breakfast, we ended up stumbling upon Naschmarket, an open air market where all the local chefs buy their meat and produce. There also happens to be a few restaurants in the market as well. I had the most amazing egg white omelet with crusty bread at this restaurant called Naschmarket Deli!

Afterwards, we walked to Hofsburg's Palace, residence of the Hapsburg's. This palace is so big that you really have to choose which areas you want to see. We saw the treasury department, which included the Hapsburg's collection of precious jewels. Within this collection was the worlds's largest emerald, weighing in at 2,680 carats. That is not a typo either! Before taking a tour of the actual rooms in the palace, we walked thru an exhibit featuring the royalty's fine china and dinnerware collections. A few of their china patterns reminded me of mine!!!

We had a light lunch of open-faced sandwiches at Trzesniewski.

After lunch, we took an audio tour of St. Stephen's Cathedral. I have never been to a cathedral quite like this one. Every corner and cranny had a story behind it. Mozart actually got married in this cathedral.

At this point, Adam was toured out so we went to the Prater, Vienna's amusement park with the infamous ferris wheel. No guidebook told us to go here nor even to think about riding the rides but we did both! We decided to ride the swings and see the city from sky high. This experience was nerve-wracking, exhilarating and fun all at the same time!

I found this pizza place, Pizza Mari, in one of the local neighborhoods. Although it looked closer to the Prater than it really was, it was worth the trek getting here. We took the subway home and we will start all over again tomorrow.

1. Breakfast in the Naschmarket
2. Buckling up for the swings at The Prater
3. Largest emerald in the world
4. Outside St. Stephens Cathedral
5. Pizza Mari
6. Trezsniewski sandwiches with a mini beer
7. Inside St. Stephen's Cathedral
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