Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Budapest Day 2

After our exhausting day yesterday, we decided to sleep in. We walked from our hotel to Vaci Utca, Budapest's main shopping street. Adam informed me that I went into my 7th and 8th H&M of our trip today. I just wanted to make sure I did not miss anything!

We walked to Parliament which is an extraordinary building from the outside. Unfortunately Parliament was in session so we did not get to take a tour inside. Outside of Parliament along the Danube, lies 50 pairs of bronze shoes. This pays tribute to Budapest's Jews that were lined up and shot by the Nazis so they would fall in the river and be swept away downstream.

We followed the path along the river for about twenty minutes until we reached Great Market Hall. This marketplace is filled with fresh produce, meat, fish, etc. where most of the locals shop. On the top floor which attracts mostly tourists for the cheesy souvenirs, you will also find a few food stalls. This is where we tried our first Hungarian specialty, goulash!

After reading countless magazines and travel blogs, we headed to New York Cafe, known to many as "the most beautiful cafe in the world." I haven't been to Paris so I standby their claim. I got an iced coffee infused with chocolate torte and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was to die for delicious!

We ate dinner at Taverna Dionysos, a Greek restaurant located on the river on the Pest side. My chicken kebabs and Adam's whole grilled sea bass were a great way to end the day.

I promise my post tomorrow will not be as long! I'm doing my best to try and make these posts as short and concise as possible but it's hard because our days are so busy!

1. Holocaust monument
2. I forgot to post this picture yesterday. This is the Tree of Life. Each of the metal leaves is engraved with a Holocaust victim's name.
3. My iced coffee with ice cream at the beautiful New York Cafe.
4. Another view inside New York Cafe
5. Grilled sea bass at Taverna Dionysos
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