Monday, September 10, 2012

Berlin Day 2

I was literally sore when I woke up this morning from all the walking we did yesterday. Anyways, we started our day at the Reischstag, also known as the German Parliament. This is where all the "big" decisions are made! We took an audio tour to the top which was very interesting.

After visiting the Reischtag, we went shopping on Berlin's biggest shopping street, Kurfurstendamm. The most impressive store on this street was KaWaDe. It is a 7 floor department store/specialty grocery store. It was so cool and highly recommend eating lunch at one of the counters on the 6th floor if you ever get the chance to go to Berlin. You looked out of place if you were not drinking wine or champagne with your lunch so of course we had to partake in this!

Near Kurfurstendamm, is the oldest zoo in Germany! We walked around the Berlin Zoo for a few hours and saw so many different species of animals. My favorite was the rhino!

We took it easy tonight and went to a casual Vietnamese restaurant for dinner. We are trying to save our energy for tomorrow as it will be another busy day here in Berlin!

1. Adam, of course, had to indulge in a Twix sundae from McDonald's.
2. Inside the Reischstag
3. Outside the Reischstag
4. Inside KaWaDe when you first enter
5. Eating and drinking in KaWaDe!
6. Me and the ginormous rhino!
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