Saturday, September 29, 2012

Prague Day 2: Castle District

I am glad we planned an entire day to explore the Castle District. We preserved our energy and took the above ground tram to the bottom of Petrin Hill. Then, another tram or "funicular" as they call it, takes you up Petrin Hill. Once on top of this hill, we climbed 299 stairs up Petrin Tower for 360 degree views of the city. From here, we walked down to Strahov Monastery. This is the library where Jef and Emily from Bachelorette laid on the floor and he told her he was falling in love. Unfortunately, we could not reenact this scene due to the strict restrictions on entering we had to settle for pictures from the doorway.

Walking down from Strahov Monastery to Prague Castle, the views were more spectacular than those seen from Petrin Tower.

Once at the Prague Castle, we bought an audio guide to see St. Vitus Cathedral, Basilica of St. George, Old Royal Palace and Golden Lane. Of these places, St. Vitus Cathedral was the most notable.

Afterwards, we walked around Mala Strana and checked out this hilarious sculpture in front of the restaurant, Hergetova Cilhena. The picture borderlines being R-rated so I will not post. Afterward, we wandered over to the Lennon Wall and the bridge where people place locks for good luck. We thought this was kind of cliche considering we have seen this done in the other cities we have been to but it is still a cute idea!

Our walk lead us to a forgettable Italian meal but I am glad we went there otherwise I would not have found my "medovnik." Medovnik is one of two types of honey cakes that was discovered here in Prague. Although it is not considered a Czech specialty because the founders are Armenian, the company still started here and they now ship worldwide. Personally, I liked the other version of honey cake, Marlenka, better. More to come on that tomorrow.

We bought tickets for Don Giovanni's Marionette Opera. Again, this is another one of those things we had to do but we had no clue what was going on after the first fifteen minutes so we left at intermission. It was a long day and I feel like we have hit the main sights of Prague so we will use tomorrow to sleep in and see whatever we missed!

1. Bridge of love locks
2. Lennon Wall
3. Walk from Monastery to Prague Castle (check out the views in the background)!
4. St. Vitus Cathedral
5. Enjoying the views along the Vltava River.
6. Medovnik
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