Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Berlin Day 3: Museums Galore

Out of 170 museums and galleries, we chose to only go to three! And to be honest, three was plenty for me! The best of the three museums was the Pergamon Museum. This museum actually featured reconstructed monumental buildings from Ancient Greece as well as the Ishtar Gate from Ancient Babylon. Babylon is now Iraq/Saudi Arabia and you know nothing is preserved there anymore!

We also visited the Topography of Terror museum which was the headquarters for the Gestapo. Our least favorite museum was the Jewish Museum. Surprisingly, this museum did not share any new information that we did not already know or at least read at the Topography of Terror. It focused more on Judaism in general.

For a snack, we got a currywurst since that is a German specialty. It tasted like a regular hot dog topped with ketchup and curry powder. It was nothing special but I'm glad we tried it!

Every Tuesday and Friday there is a bustling Turkish Market in Kreuzberg. Persian and Turkish foods happen to be my husband's favorite type of food so we had to go! You would have thought he was eating his last supper with how much food he got! He even asked me if he should buy extra for breakfast. I'm sorry but hummus, dollmas, and tabbouleh is not something I crave for breakfast so I told him no!!

For dinner, we ended up taking it easy and eating our leftovers from the Turkish Market. I also must confess that we watched the finale of Bachelor Pad and Big Brother on our iPad!!! Omg, I still can't believe what happened on Bachelor Pad. It was well worth our time. FYI-we downloaded a special app so we would not miss our favorite tv shows!

1.Topography of Terror
2. Adam at the Turkish Market, eating all his purchases!
3. Adam owning that currywurst! Ha!
4. Trying Nutella for the first time in a crepe!
5. Adam standing in front of the Ishtar Gate (this will be the closest we will ever get to Babylon since we are not planning on going to Iraq anytime soon)!
6. Inside the Pergamon Museum.
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