Thursday, September 13, 2012

Off to Krakow, Poland

We decided to save $25 and take the bus to the airport. I am a nervous wreck when it comes to traveling so I insisted we leave 3 hours before our departure especially since we were taking public transportation! I was also worried that our checked bag would be overweight. It weighed in at 22.5 kg which is 49.5 pounds, phew and we arrived 2.5 hours early!

I am already getting nervous for our Krakow to Budapest flight because the maximum weight is 20kg. I am going to have to do some rearranging on this leg of the trip and restrain myself from buying anything.

Anyways, we finally made it to our guest house here in Krakow. From the outside, you would never know it is a guest house as the building looks very grungy and almost dilapidated. However, on the inside, we found immaculately renovated rooms with great charm.

We did not waste a second after we arrived. We ate at the #2 restaurant on TripAdvisor for a delicious Polish lunch. Unbeknown to Adam, he ordered one of the Polish specialties, Beet soup. He loved it while I ate my tasty mushroom soup and chicken liver pate.

Since our free walking tour was so good in Berlin, we decided to do the one here in Krakow. It did not disappoint either! The weather sucked but we still did the tour in the freezing cold rain. The tour focused on the Kasimierz District, or Jewish District.

We enjoyed our walking tour so much that we ended up taking a paid tour with our same guide to Schindler's Factory. The factory was used as a museum focusing on Krakow before, during and after World War II. Between the tour guide and layout, I really enjoyed it!

We did not finish our Schindler's Factory tour until 8:30pm so I was very crabby and hungry by this point. However, after getting a zapiekanki for dinner, my mood quickly changed and I was a happy camper. A zapiekanki is a famous snack from the Kazmierz which is half a baguette baked with mushrooms and cheese and all the toppings you desire!

1. The actual room where Schindler's office was. The desk is an imitation because that did not survive the war but everything on it is the original.
2. Adam eating a zapiekanki. No worries, we each got one and finished it!
3. Our room at our secret Bed and Breakfast.
4. Bathroom, obvi.
5. This is where breakfast is served every morning.
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