Friday, September 14, 2012

Berlin Day 4: The End

Today was our last day in Berlin. We started our day eating breakfast at this hidden cafe. The reason I am telling you this is that I finally found a place that served an American style breakfast! Most of the cafes here serve only pastries or bagels. Not only am I used to having much heartier breakfasts but eating a bunch of carbs makes me tired. Today I ordered scrambled eggs and bacon and I scraped my plate! I even think it gave me more energy!

After breakfast, we went to the Neues Synagogue. We took the audio tour and found it much more interesting than the Jewish Museum. They have rebuilt and preserved what remained of the original temple built in 1866. Obviously, most of this synagogue was destroyed by the Nazis.

Afterward, we walked to the Neues Museum to see the bust of Nefertiti. The bust is more than 3000 years old and is known as one of the best works of art from all of Egypt!

We took the train to the East Side Gallery which is where the most renown part of the Berlin Wall stands. This is where you will find the incredible graffiti!

We concluded our day with drinks at the television tower, Fersehturm, with 360 degree views and a bar with an aptly named Bellini, they called the "Berlini"!

Then we walked across the street and had a nice fancy dinner at this place called H.B.C. (maybe the HEB guy's frau brother? Haha). It was a restaurant/night club combo; Small plates and kind of pricey. My food was good, Adam's was a little spotty.

And that just about wraps up our Berliner experience. We really enjoyed it here. Definitely not what was expected. It is a very modern, progressive place built upon old history and a destroyed culture and buildings. A place where the past is not ignored, but it's citizens seem to look towards the future in a positive light. Danke shein Berlin, land of Mercedes Benz e-class taxis!

1. Heirloom tomatoes and basil gnocchi at H.B.C.
2. East Side Gallery
3. We are obsessed with our Car 2 Go membership and look what we found here!
4. Yes, there was not an ounce to spare of my breakfast.
5. Outside the Neues Synagogue.
6. 360 Bar at the top of Fernseturm

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