Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Travel Day to Prague

We had an early morning train to Prague which took 5 hours. I paid extra so we could sit in "first class"... what a gimmick! There were nicer seats in first class but it seemed like more people were sitting in first class than on the train. We moved to "second class" where we got our own cabin with no one sitting next to us. Oh well!

We arrived at our trendy hotel around 2:30 pm. I knew beforehand that our hotel was also a hostel so I was unsure of what to expect. Our penthouse room is sweet!!! Our room is spacious, the shower is modern, and we have a balcony which overlooks all of Prague.

With only dinner plans in mind, we decided to take to the cobble stone streets of Prague. In the Old Town Square, you will find many historical sites. One of the main ones is an astronomical clock which chimes every hour. Hoards of tourists stand around this clock at the bottom of every hour to witness the clock chime as well as a man blowing his horn. It was silly and I am glad we just happened upon it.

From Old Town, we continued down Karlova Street to the Charles Bridge. I was told to either go early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the crowds but there sure seemed like a lot of people there at sunset! The bridge was lined with artists, musicians, opera singers, etc. The setting made for some picturesque photos that I will treasure forever (Adam was so sick of me taking photos at this point).

We ate a traditional Czech dinner including goulash at restaurant Kolkovna. The Czech version of goulash is much thicker and heavier than the Hungarian one. Although tasty, we both agreed that we would not be ordering it again and are ready for a "lighter" fare.
1. Astronomical clock
2. Goulash
3. Old Town with clock and Tyn Church in the background
4. View from Charles Bridge at sunset
5. "2nd Class" train car
6. Our room at the Mosaic House!

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