Monday, September 24, 2012

Vienna Day 2

After eating an egg mcmuffin from the always reliable Mcdonald's, we headed to Schonbrunn Palace. This palace was the summer residence of the Hapsburg's. The interior of the palace looked almost the same as the palace we saw yesterday. However, the grounds and views of this palace were extraordinary.

We took the train back to the center of the city to eat lunch at Zum Weisser Rauchfangkehrer, a restaurant that came highly recommended from my mother-in-law. We split our first Weiner schnitzel, a lightly fried piece of veal. We really enjoyed it but both agreed it tasted like chicken fried steak! After lunch we headed for Cafe Sacher. This cafe is home to the famous Sacher torte, their signature chocolate cake. Not only did we order the Sacher torte, but we also ordered apple strudel which is another delicacy of Vienna. The Sacher torte was forgettable but it is one of those things you have to try when visiting here.

We spent the rest of our afternoon at the Vienna Masters, one of the legs of the world equestrian competition circuit. This competition attracts Olympian horse riders as well as riders from all over the world. You could not beat the backdrop for this competition either.

By the time we finally left, it was time for dinner. We went to a fun, trendy Indian restaurant, Nam Nam. I found this place from a fellow food blogger who lives in Vienna. This place was packed to the brim and we were lucky to get in without reservations. We had to sit outside where the temperature was a chill 50 degrees fahrenheit, but we were dressed accordingly so it was not bad.

1. Global Champions Tour
2. View of Schonbrunn Palace from the top of a hill.
3. Nam Nam Indian restaurant
4. Fountain on the grounds of Schonbrunn Palace that reminded me of the Trevi Fountain in Rome.
5. Schonbrunn Palace
6. Apple strudel at Cafe Sacher
7. First weiner schnitzel at Zum Weisser Rauchfangkehrer.
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