Sunday, September 9, 2012

Eastern Europe

For those of you who do not know, I will be in Eastern Europe for 3 weeks. My blog is going to turn into a travel diary so don't feel obligated to read if you could careless about what I am up too! I'll be back to my cooking ways at the beginning of October!

Now for the trip...
It did not start out the way I imagined.
Here is what happened:
1. On our first leg of the trip to Chicago, Adam's seat was completely broken (see picture below). They moved us to the last two available seats on the plane, by the toilet. Lovely.
2. Our Chicago to London connection was delayed 3.5 hours which meant we spent 7.5 hours in the Chicago airport.
3. Our delay caused us to miss our connecting flight from London to Berlin.
4. Since we missed our plane, we had another 3 hour layover in London.
5. Lastly, our bags never made it to Berlin.

Okay, now for the good news! We did finally make it to Berlin! Our days have been jam packed trying to make up for our lost day in travel. And, if you are wondering, we got our bags more than 24 hours after arriving to Berlin! Below are a few pictures of where we are staying. We are renting someone's apartment in the most central part of Berlin. We love it except there is a train that goes by every 10 minutes! Thank goodness for the iPhone App, "white noise"! It has been a life saver! Tomorrow I will share with you more of what we are doing as this post is a trial for me since I am using a new App to post! Stay tuned!!!
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