Monday, September 24, 2012

Vienna Last Day

We enjoyed our breakfast so much the first day that we returned to the same area for breakfast today. We ate a hearty Greek breakfast at Tewa, 672 Naschmarket. In addition to the open air market with all the produce, there was also a flea market. I went through each stall hoping to find a treasure! I saw what appeared to be a glass cup and I picked it up to see the price. Low and behold, it was a glass inside a glass and when I turned it over to see the price, one of the glasses shattered. I was mortified. I sat there in disbelief while this guy yelled at me in German. I kept telling him how sorry I was but he soon looked away and just ignored me. Obviously it was not worth much otherwise he would have made me pay for it. Awkward!

We made our way to Marahilfer Strabe, Vienna's main shopping street. Unfortunately it was chain store after chain store so I did not find anything worth getting.

After a 2 hour nap, we headed for Weingut AM Reisenburg, a heuriger or winery, outside the city. This heuriger was located just beyond the town of Grinzing, so it took two subways, one bus, and about a 1/2 mile hike to get there. Despite all the transfers and time spent walking, it took us less than an hour to get here.

The winery reminded me of those you find in Napa set amongst rolling hills. The greenery was lush with grapes filling the vines everywhere. We ordered sturm, wine that is in the fermentation stage. I loved it because it was so sweet!! My dinner of a sweet red bell pepper filled with meat and drizzled with a red sauce was equally as good. Most heurigers serve their dinners cafeteria style but this one was the exception. I must say that this was one of the highlights from our stay in Vienna and it was a good break from site seeing. We are off to Prague tomorrow so will keep you posted!

1. Appetizer of basil spread served with freshly baked bread.
2. Greek breakfast.
3. Secret street off the main road that you have to walk down to get to the winery.
4. Adam's favorite sign.
5. Walking on this narrow roadway down to the winery (heuriger).
6. View at the winery.
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