Saturday, September 22, 2012

Off to Vienna

I took my first train from one country to another! I underestimated the train system here in Europe. Although I bought my tickets ahead of time, finding which train to get on was very easy.

We arrived to Vienna midday to our hotel which was conveniently located across from the train station. Finding a hotel in Vienna for less than $100/night was a challenge. Thankfully, I found Hotel Leonardo which just recently opened so they were offering great introductory rates. Although the reviews on Trip Advisor have been very critical, we love our hotel!

We took a downloaded audio tour by our new friend, Rick Steves, which circled the Ringstrasse, a street circling Vienna's old city. Our tour happened to finish by Vienna's famous opera house. After being hoarded by shady ticket brokers who told us the only way to get in was to fork up some serious Euros, we happened to see a long line for standing room only tickets. Not having much to lose since the show was starting in 45 minutes, we decided to join the crowd. We got 2 tickets to Prokofiev's ballet Romeo and Juliet for 6 euros! (There was no opera last night.) These may have not been the best seats in the house but we got to see the opera house in its full glory!

Pictures (again, I have no idea why I can't post these photos in order):
1. Opera House in Vienna
2. My first country to country train ride!
3.Modern room at Hotel Leonardo
4. Bathroom at hotel
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