Monday, September 19, 2011

Koh Samui-Last Day

We had a rather exciting day yesterday. We booked a tour through the company, 100 Degrees, where we visited Anthong Marine Park. This Marine park consists of 42 islands and is what the movie, The Beach, is based on. After signing a few release forms, we were on our way via boat with our group of 10 from India and the UK! The tour consisted of snorkeling, kayaking and visiting Emerald Lake. The tour guides and Adam and myself could not stop laughing because half of the group from India had never swam before! Who books a tour to go snorkeling if you have never gone swimming before? They tried to get in the water with life vests but that did not work out so well. Needless to say they ended up staying in the boat all day. Snorkeling was cool. I can't say it was my best snorkeling experience ever because it was overcast so the visibility in that water was not perfectly clear. We did get to see unbelievable schools of fish in the caves we snorkeled to. Besides that, it was very exhausting. We then took the boat to Emerald Lake. I think you will know what I am talking about when you see the picture below.

View of the different islands from Emerald Lake.

After visiting Emerald Island, we went to a private beach for lunch. Lunch included steamed rice, fried chicken, massaman curry and some stir fried vegetables. I am still not sure how they heated the food up because I never saw a microwave or stovetop in the boat. Either way it was very good!

We ended our day kayaking. Adam and I have kayaked before but this was definitely the most challenging. We were fighting the wind so when we tried to steer one way it would blow us the other. A few curse words later and we finally made it back to shore! Besides kayaking, the boat ride home was the most adventurous and nerve wracking part of the day. Of course a storm that was looming all day had to hit on our boat ride home! Keep in mind the boat ride to the islands took one hour! It was windy, pouring down rain and the waves had become treacherous. We all gathered in the back of the boat and luckily I did not get sea sick. One girl was not so lucky. We finally made it back to shore and there was a huge sigh of relief amongst everyone. Sorry there are no pictures to commemorate this part of the trip. When the rain finally stopped a few hours later, we managed to make to dinner at a nice restaurant named Prego. This was definitely the best pizza we had during our entire trip in Thailand. We actually had pizza the night before but I did not blog about it because it was just fair. This pizza was great though!

Overall we are very lucky it only rained one day during our stay at the beach. We loved Samui and leaving here means our vacation is coming to an end. Off to Bangkok tomorrow!

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