Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We made it to Bangkok! Our 20+ hour flight was uneventful. We had two short layovers in San Francisco and Tokyo. I am an airport snob so I was really excited to see Tokyo's Narita airport. Unfortunately it was less than impressive. I expected Tokyo to have an ultra modern airport with cool technology, etc. I imagined it would be similar to Jet Blue's Terminal at JFK airport. It was nothing like this at all. I am already dreading our three hour layover there on our way home. Did I mention that Tokyo's airport was trying to conserve energy so there was no air conditioning??? Enough about Tokyo's airport, let me tell you about Bangkok's airport. Bangkok's airport was much more impressive with tall ceilings and floor to floor glass walls! It is that Asian airport you can envision with neon lights, lots of people, and pretty chic.

The hotel picked us up at the airport and we arrived to our hotel at 12:30am. The hotel is very quaint and cute. We love it. The price is right too! We only slept 5 hours because we are still getting used to the time change but we plan on sightseeing as much as we can today. Here are some pictures of our hotel room.

We just ate a wonderful breakfast at our hotel. They will make your eggs to order and they have a huge selection of thai foods. Adam tried everything they made. I could not justify eating rice, salad, fried vegetables, etc for breakfast.

Anyways, tonight we are going to a Lumpini boxing match if the weather cooperates. Right now it is a sunny 80 degrees but a chance of showers in the evening. Either way we are prepared. Stay tuned to hear how the Lumpini boxing match turns out....

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