Monday, September 26, 2011

Emirates Air-A Class of It's Own

Our trip has come to an end. However I wanted to share with you our flying experience aboard our Emirates flights from Bangkok to Dubai and Dubai to Houston. We were treated as if we were flying first class. When you board the airplane, you are handed a refreshing cold towel to wash your hands and face. Then the flight attendants give you a menu of the meal or meals being served during the flight. Below is a picture of the economy class aboard the famed Airbus A380, the largest passenger airliner in the world. The entire plane is a double decker. We flew on this unbelievably massive aircraft from Bangkok to Dubai. First class and business class are located on the upper deck. Unfortunately we were not allowed to go up there but the passenger who sat next to me told me all about it. He flies on Emirates all the time and has sat first class on this particular plane. He said if you sit in first class, you have your OWN ROOM and there are 2 showers and jacuzzi's available for first class passengers to use. Can you imagine a shower/jacuzzi on an airplane??? CRAZY. In the picture below, please note the flight attendant in the background. The flight attendant's wore these cute red hats with white scarves attached to them. It is hard to see but you can see the back of the hat. I was trying to not be creepy by taking a photo of her.

Our flight from Dubai to Houston was not full so we each got to have a row of seats to ourself. Unfortunately we did not fly on the A380 back to the states. Instead we flew on another huge airplane, the 777, but it did not compare in size to the A380. Either way, we were lucky that the flight was not full and we each got to lay across all of the seats and actually sleep. 

After we got our cold towels and menus, we were then given a zippered pouch with an eye mask, socks and toothbrush for the 16 hour flight.

Because this was an international flight, all alcoholic drinks were free (except champagne). This is true for most airlines who fly internationally. However, the majority of the airlines do not give you Absolut Vodka as their house vodka. Emirates does though!!!! They gave Adam all the works for a blood mary: tabasco, worcestershire sauce, tomato juice, salt and pepper.  
Every seat is equipped with a large television. These televisions are comparable to the televisions on Jet Blue but imagine the screen two times bigger! Each television had over 100 movies you could watch. The remote could also be used as a telephone to call someone else's seat or you could use it as an actual phone for $5 a minute.

Emirates airlines is Arab-owned and is based out of Dubai. If you ever have the option to go on this airline, do not pass it up! That completes our trip! For those of you who are sick of my travel posts, I shall return to cooking this week so keep checking back for some fun fall recipes!
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