Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chiang Mai-Last Day

I knew today was going to be awesome when we got into the car to go ziplining and the driver was jamming to Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys! Our drive to the ziplining course was rather scary as it was pouring down rain and we had to drive up steep hills on unpaved roads! We paid good money for this Adventure so I kept telling myself we would be okay! Alas, we arrived to the top of the mountain in the middle of nowhere where we were greeted by our hilarious ziplining instructors! They assured us that is was okay to zip line in the rain. They suited us up in their unfashionable gear!

Our group of ten people was very diverse with people from Israel, Hong kong and Shanghai! It made for a very interesting day! We went on 34 platforms with over 22 ziplines! Adam was the photographer as I was too scared about dropping the camera that high up!

Not sure how, but I got stuck in the middle of the longest zipline. I think I used my brake too much. Anyways their longest zipline is 300 meters long! The expert crawled out and pulled me in! Adam captured this on video as well as the camera!

The scariest part of the entire course was the 40 meter drops where you dangle over an edge and jump off! Of course they slow you down on your descend down! We highly recommend Jungle Flight for ziplining and it should be on your must do list if you ever come to Chiang Mai! The photo below is of our wild and crazy "blonde" instructor! He would do flips and hang upside down when he rode the zip line!

We ended our day getting a foot and shoulder massage, eating a fabulous dinner and going to the night market! We had dinner at Chez Marco which I think is probably one of the best restaurants in Chiang Mai! I found this restaurant from doing hours of research about the food in Chiang Mai! It is considered more of an upscale place which is why a lot of the locals have never heard of this place! Most of the locals would never pay what we pay for a nice dinner! For 4 drinks, 2 appetizers, greek salad, 1 entree and dessert, our bill came out to $45. Below is a photo of our appetizers, gazpacho and bruschetta!

After dinner we went to the night market where Adam got suckered into buying a bunch of magic tricks! He thinks he is going to bring the tricks to work with him and perform them for the little kids who are sick! We will see if he goes through with this plan! He has been practicing them ever since we got back to the hotel. Off to the beach tomorrow!

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