Friday, September 23, 2011

Bangokok-Unexpected Ending

Let me begin by saying our last day did not end the way we expected! We started our day going to BKK bagelry for breakfast. Two weeks without a bagel is out of the norm for me. Conveniently this bagel shop was walking distance to Central World, the biggest shopping center in southeast Asia! This mall was 7 floors and massive. Disappointedly I found nothing at Uniqlo. Adam and I went in and out of stores for five+ hours and I left with one necklace. Better luck next time but this mall was impressive.
We ate lunch at an awesome chinese restaurant, Din Tai Fung. This restaurant started in Hong Kong and has been recognized as having the word's best dumplings! They were indeed some of the best dumplings I have ever had. They reminded me of the soup dumplings at Joe's Shanghai in NY for those of you who are familiar with that restaurant. Dad, I took a picture of the dumplings just for you (FYI- he despises dumplings and refuses to taste them!)!
After we finished shopping we went to the movies at the mall! This was not just any movie experience. There is assigned seating and different classes of tickets you can buy for the movie. Adam said that since we cannot afford first class airplane tickets he would buy me first class movie tickets. What a trade off although this was quite an experience. We were led down a red carpet to a beautiful lounge where we enjoyed a large assortment of freshly prepared hors d'oeuvres, included in the price of our $24 movie ticket! We had fifteen minutes to eat as much as we could before we were led to our red velvet couch. We were given blankets and the couch had a call button if we wanted to order anything during the movie. They gave us each a huge basket of BBQ (my favorite), sweet and salty popcorn. We saw the new Sarah Jessica Parker movie which was okay but definitely not a movie for guys! Below is a picture of Adam in the lounge in front of all the food!
Our day quickly came to an end when we got back to the hotel to find there was a typhoon in Japan and our flight home on Thursday had already been cancelled. No direct flights exist from Bangkok to the US hence we had to connect in Japan. After having a 5 minute panic attack, Adam and I called Continental to figure this mess out. We were on the phone for three straight hours. I think our breaking point was when our call dropped two hours after speaking with one agent. Luckily that agent had typed everything into the computer so all was not lost when our call dropped. While on the phone, Adam and I searched every possible flight that they could rebook us on. Since they cancelled our flight they had an obligation to rebook us. We did have trip insurance so we would have had to use this if they could not rebook us. We could not postpone our trip even for one day because Adam had to work on Saturday. 

We found a flight on Emirates airlines from Bangkok to Dubai and Dubai to Houston. The catch was that the flight left at 1am and it was 8pm when we were trying to arrange this. After lots of pleading then waiting to hear if Continental could book us on this other airline, the agent asked us if we were vegetarian!? We knew this was a good sign because she said Emirates airlines was asking which meant they wanted to ensure we got a meal on the plane!! After thirty hours of traveling, we made it home safely. Flying on Emirates airlines was an unbelievable experience and is worthy of its own blog stay tuned! Ha ha! I can say though it made thirty hours of traveling seem effortless. Our trip to Thailand was incredible so if you are thinking about going, GO!!!! Below is a preview of my post to come about the world's greatest airlines, EMIRATES!
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