Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bangkok-Final Days

Just to amuse everyone who has made fun of all my airport and airplane food posts, I will post one more! On our fifty minute flight from Samui to Bangkok at 10:30am, we were given another beautiful meal tray. This "light" meal as Bangkok Airways described it consisted of plain yogurt with green apple sauce, sausage and cheese kolache and a muffin. Don't worry this was my second breakfast of the day!

We took a hot pink taxi to our hotel, On 8. This hotel is owned by the guy who is making Adam's suit. We opted to stay here because of its convenience to Raja's Fashions. Adam had another fitting today as well as one tomorrow. He was so happy with the finished product that he ordered another blazer and pair of slacks! They assured us it would be done within 24 hours. After Adam's last fitting tomorrow they will make the final adjustments and deliver it to our hotel tomorrow evening.

Afterwards we went to the Jim Thompson silk outlet store where I found nothing. Oh well! Then Adam and I changed clothes and went to this fancy rooftop bar for sunset for some stunning views of Bangkok. This bar, Sirocco, is located in the State Tower. It is known to most people as the place where Hangover 2 was filmed!

We ended our day at Khao San Road! This is the area where all the hippies stay. Every night they have a night market filled with the same stuff as the other markets. We also went to the "fish spa" which was the weirdest thing I have ever experienced. Adam literally jumped and a few fish flew out of the tank when he first put his feet in. His expressions were priceless.

Adam decided to put his hands in the tank when the guy was not looking!

They claim the fish eat all of your dead skin and leave your skin feeling very soft! I am not sure this is 100% true but my legs did feel soft but I also had shaved today! Ha! Our half day in Bangkok was quite busy. I can't wait to hit up Uniqlo tomorrow for my fall wardrobe!

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Mary Margaret said...

bahahahahahha more airport posts!!!!!!!!!!!!! only jamie....

now come home!!!!!! Miss you!!!

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