Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 5-travel day to Chiang Mai

I have to document about Bangkok Airways! After we checked in and got thru security, we got access into the private lounge of Bangkok Airways! It was great because we got free wifi, food and a nice place to sit before boarding our flight to Chiang Mai.

The food on the airplane was surprisingly good! We got three different finger sandwiches and a moist brownie! Keep in mind our flight was only 45 minutes so I was very impressed that we even got a meal! This would never happen on any flight in the US!

Our inn, Baan Orapin, in Chiang Mai is amazing!! I cannot take credit for finding this place as my grandmother's friend also found this place! It is so charming and the owner hooked us up with what I think maybe the best room in the house!

We checked out the Saturday walking street which was less crowded than the Chatuchak market! Then we went to this yummy Chinese restaurant thanks to Adam's friend who saw the blog and emailed us with this recommendation! At first I was intimidated by the menu because there were so many options and their dishes are different than we are used to in the United States. We ended up getting Fried cashew nuts and chicken and broccoli and shrimp. Both were very good and satisfied our craving for Chinese food! Another busy day planned for tomorrow so I better get to bed....

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