Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chiang Mai

We had a very relaxing day. I think spending 5 days here in Chiang Mai is worth it because you can take your time visiting all the sights and not exhaust yourself. Also it has rained everyday but usually the rain does not start until mid afternoon. Conveniently that is the time we are wrapping up our tours so it has not hampered any of our plans. Today, Pim's husband drove us to the Thai silk factory, lacquerware factory, Thai cotton factory, and handicraft village. The handicraft village is where they make the wooden umbrellas. My favorite factory was the silk one because I found a really cool necklace made of silk and turquoise stones!

Pim's husband then took us to the San Kamphaeng hot springs! The scenery was beautiful and the springs were definitely hot, 105 degrees to be exact! We got to boil eggs in the hot springs!

We ate dinner tonight at a restaurant on the river which was just average. However, last night we ate at a very good Italian restaurant, Arcobaleno. We were desperate for something besides Thai food so the owner at our hotel recommended this place! Our cheese pizza, spaghetti and clams and tiramisu were heavenly and much needed.

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