Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gift Ideas!

Most of my blogs center around cooking and cooking tips however my ultimate goal is to give you tips about everything! I am still getting my creative juices going for this blog but here is a fun post about some awesome gifts that I recently received. Both of these gifts would be perfect hostess, bridesmaids or birthday gifts. 
My best friend gave me the first gift which is a monogrammed fishing shirt. This is something I never would have bought for myself but I find myself wearing all the time. 
The brand is Columbia so you can buy this shirt at most sporting goods stores like Academy or Cabela's. I really like this shirt because it looks nicer than a t-shirt and does not make you look like a frump!!!
The next gift is a bracelet that was made just for me! I got this gift for hosting my sister in law's baby shower.
NOTE: There is a little charm that is monogrammed with my initials and a little pink stone which is the baby's birth stone! Both of these things really gave the bracelet a personal touch.
You can find this bracelet and all sorts of jewelry at this new store in Houston called Hila.
2609 Greenbriar Drive
Houston, Texas 77098

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