Thursday, August 4, 2011

Greatest Pepper Shaker Ever

I gave my husband an electric pepper mill 3 years ago. To date, this has been the best gift I have given him.   He loves freshly ground pepper and swears it makes everything taste better. When you go to a restaurant, my husband is the guy who never passes up freshly ground pepper. Usually the waiter is grinding pepper for at least five minutes at our table because my husband likes it that much. Anyways, I recommend you INVEST in an ELECTRIC SALT AND PEPPER MILL STAT. It will change your life. Seasoning steaks, salmon, etc. will never be the same! We bought our electric pepper mill at Sharper Image and it has held up very well. I am sure there are tons of brands out there that are equally as good.
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Anonymous said...

"Best gift you have given me?" I do looove that pepper grinder and will sing it's praises, but don't get carried away! Great post. Love ya! your hubbie.

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