Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Birthday Surprises: Hotel Saint Cecilia & Congress

For my birthday this past weekend, my husband surprised me with a room at the infamous Hotel Saint Cecilia and a 4-course dinner at Congress. Hotel Saint Cecilia is a super chic boutique hotel in the heart of Austin. Below is a picture of me in our room against one of the upholstered walls. We stayed in Suite 1 so google Saint Cecilia if you want to see better pictures of how cool this hotel is.
Outdoor shower! It was surprisingly refreshing taking a shower in 101 degree weather!
We had the most amazing dinner at Congress. David Bull, former chef at the Driskill Hotel, opened 2nd Bar +Kitchen, Bar Congress and Congress late last year. Congress is the most acclaimed of these three places. Let me just tell you, this place was worth the money! It is an experience to go here but be prepared to spend $200+ for two people. You have your choice between a 3 course meal for $75 or the Chef's tasting menu for $125.
Amuse bouche: Chilled Aspragus Soup with a dollop of cream and a toasted crouton
1st Course: Texas Peach Salad with Mizzuna (whatever that is), Smoked Marcona almonds, Guanciale (this was delicious and I definitely recommend you get this if you go there! My husband got a sashimi salad which was not picture worthy) 
My Husband's Second Course: Garlic and Chive Potato Gnocci with Braised oxtail, Eggs parmesan
My Second Course: White Lobster Bisque, Fresno Tomato Jam, Lobster Ricotta Fritter (sorry no picture because I forgot to use the flash). I was in heaven because this was a cream-based soup which is my favorite!
Third Course: Pistachio and Caper Crusted Wild Bass (I hate capers but this tasted nothing like capers)
Husband's Third Course: Rack of Lamb, Salsify, Cardamon Yogurt, Candied Orange
(this was amazing especially because the meat was so tender)
This was one of our two desserts. They made these mini doughnuts filled with pecan pie for my birthday!!! We also had the Feta Cheesecake with Corn icecream which was amazingggg. However, my husband was getting annoyed with all my pictures so I restrained myself and did not take a picture. Congress will definitely go on my list of favorite restaurants in Austin. This is not a place I will be able to go to often because it is so expensive. However, it is a place I would love to frequent on special occasions!!!! 

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