Monday, July 30, 2012

Memorable Birthday

I have never been a big fan of my birthday. Don't get me wrong, I love celebrating other people's birthdays, just not mine. Last year my husband went all out and we ate at Congress and stayed at Hotel Saint Cecilia here in Austin. This year, I told him I wanted to keep it low key. However, I came home to this beautiful arrangement of flowers. Check out that vase that I got last year as a gift. Isn't it amazing?
As you know, I have been wanting a black purse but due to my indecisiveness I am still without a purse. My in-laws took it upon themselves to get me the "perfect one" for my birthday so that is the purse photographed! Hysterical!

We planned on having dinner at Lenoir, one of the newer restaurants here in Austin but unfortunately it was closed yesterday. Instead, my husband made me this "surf and turf" like meal! I was pleasantly surprised because I actually went to the grocery store and got stuff to cook. Anyways, I am cooking the meal I was supposed to cook yesterday, tonight, so I hope to share with you a few new recipes in the coming days.

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