Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hip Tips is Live

For Valentine's Day, I got the sweetest gift from my husband. He got me my own domain name! I am still figuring out all the perks to owning my own domain, but for you, the reader, it will be much easier for you to find my website. You no longer have to type blogspot in the web address. I have redirected everything from my old address to my new one in case you are used to typing the old one in! Here is my official website:

By having my own website, I can now reach out to a larger population and hopefully get more followers and subscribers! I am really excited to share this with you and I hope you can help me spread the word to all of your friends and family!

Also, I have one more announcement to make. On Saturday, I finally entered the 21st century and got an iPhone! After my printed directions failed to get me to where I needed to be on Friday, I decided it was time. It is embarrassing how many times I have had to go into gas stations and ask for directions because I am lost! I hope these days are over with the purchase of my new iPhone! I am also ecstatic to have my own phone to take pictures with! Look at yesterday's "Taco Soup" post.  The first three pictures on the post were taken with my camera and the last one was taken with my husband's iPhone. It is amazing to me that this phone can take better pictures than my Canon camera.

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