Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nurse's Week

I usually do not let work get the best of me but it definitely has this week and it is only Wednesday!  If only I could have told my patients yesterday how much they should appreciate me because it is Nurse's Week! Oh well. I am already making myself feel better by writing this post.
Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Be nice to me... I may be your nurse someday!!!! Remember...catheters and needles come in sizes that I choose!!!!!
Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Nurses are the reason your dumbass is still alive. So tell one fine-ass nurse Happy Nurses' Week.Unfortunately, this is true.
Funny Nurses Week Ecard: No one gets more excited when you poop than I do. Happy Nurses Week!
Sorry for the profane language. Please do not take offense! This was too funny not to post.
Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Save one life & you're a hero. Save one hundred lives, & you're a NURSE. Happy Nurses Week!
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