Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wente Riva Ranch Chardonnay Wine

I would not consider myself a wine connoisseur. I always wanted to be the person at the table who swirled the glass of wine and tested it before they served it to everyone. However, I do not think I could tell a bad glass of wine from a good one. When people describe their wine as citrusy, fruity, acidic, I often wonder how they can differentiate these tastes!

However, when my husband and I were served this wine at a dinner party recently, the flavor of this chardonnay was unlike any other we had ever tasted. It was buttery and full of subtle hints of butterscotch. It was amazing.
We went to 3 different places to find this wine and finally found it at our local Randall's Grocery Store which is part of Tom Thumb. We have also found it in a few specialty wine stores. If you are looking for a fantastic bottle of chardonnay, I highly recommend Wente! A bottle of the Riva Ranch Chardonnay will run you about $20 so it is the perfect gift to bring to a friend for a birthday or serve at a party! Pin It


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