Friday, July 15, 2011

Final Verdict on Uchiko

Uchiko was amazingg!!! Even though all the critics are going nuts over this place in Austin, I was still nervous that it would not live up to all the hype. Let's just say Uchiko surpassed all my expectations. I do not even like sushi and I loved this place. They recommend that you order 5-6 dishes for two people. We ordered five dishes and got dessert (not to be missed).  You could tell our waiter was passionate about his job and proud to serve all these well-articulated dishes. A special thanks to Char (you know who you are) for recommending the best dishes ever!
Pre-dinner drinks

Crispy Brussel Sprouts
My husband's favorite dish

Yokai Berry
Fresh summery salad made of atlantic salmon, dinosaur kale, asian pear and suzu (whatever that is)

Tiger Cry Roll
I actually ate this roll because it is rolled with rice paper instead of seaweed! It has wagyu (beef), red pepper, charred green onion, and yuba.

Suzuki Yaki (Grilled Mediterannean Sea Bass)

Fried Milk
Best dessert ever! 
If I were asked what my last meal would be, this might be it. It is better than the Cereal Milk ice cream from Momofoku Milk Bar (in NYC). That is a bold statement coming from me!

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Cousin Todd said...

Can you please explain to your readers why you don't like sushi? :)

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