Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reuben or Corned Beef and Cabbage, Yes Please....

Because my work days are long (12+ hours), I can usually work fewer days than the average 5 day work week. That leaves me more meals I have to cook for myself. Of course I can go out to eat but everyone is usually working. I love to keep a baked corn beef in the house because it is fabulous for lunch and dinner. Reuben sandwiches are the best and I can never get enough of corned beef and cabbage! Every time I make this recipe, the corn beef somehow disappears within a day. It is to die for! My mom deserves all the credit for discovering this recipe because there is no way I could have come up with this on my own!  

Baked Corned Beef 
3-4 lb. packaged corned beef (or as big as you can find)
1 pkg. pickling spices (this will be included with the corned beef)
Brown spicy mustard (Gulden’s is great, French’s spicy brown mustard is good too)
Brown sugar
I am still kicking myself for not taking a picture of the entire corn beef! I will swap photos when I make this again!  As you can see I made this for dinner with cabbage and corn.
Preheat oven to 350°.
Unpackage the corned beef.  Rinse all the goo off and retrieve the package of pickling spices. 
Place rinsed corned beef fat side up in a roasting pan with a cover.  Even if the pan is too big, like a turkey roaster, that’s fine.   You may also use a casserole dish, but you must be able to cover it well with foil, so no steam escapes. 
Add about ¼” of water to pan with corned beef in it.  Sprinkle spices on top of fat.  Cover and bake for 3 hours.  No less!!
Take out of oven, and uncover carefully (away from your face).  Do not get a steam burn!!
Remove meat from juice. Toss the juice. Trim all fat from the top of the meat and wherever else you see fat.  It will almost melt off.  The corned beef may become small, but the fat is terrible, you must get it off now.  The spices will come off with the fat. You will not need them. 
Place in a clean casserole dish. While the corn beef is still hot, spread top and sides with spicy mustard.  Sprinkle brown sugar all over.  The sugar will start melting.  You can never get enough of this mixture.  

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