Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Creative DIY Lightbulb Vases

This comes from and I think this idea is brilliant. I can't wait to try it out myself.

What You Will Need:
Lightbulbs - I used ones that were already burnt out
Glasses for eye protection

 First, remove the bottom metal piece with a pair of pliers.

Once the bottom piece is removed, use your pliers to break the black glass bottom. Be careful! Glass could fly which is why you should be wearing glasses. Use your pliers to remove the big pieces.

 Most lightbulbs will have an interior glass inside of them. Break this with your pliers.

 Remove the insides and glass that might have fallen to the bottom of the lightbulb.

Rinse out with water to remove the powder. Use your wire to tie a handle. String twine from the top to hang from branches!

I hot glued some twine to the top metal pieces for a more rustic look. You could easily do the same with ribbon!

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