Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Kenguru

Last Thursday my husband and I went to the grand opening of Community Cars and saw the debut of the Kenguru! One of our good friends, Stacy is the founder and visionary for this car company. The idea and plans for this car originated in Hungary but due to hard financial times, the production of this car was halted. This car was designed for people who are confined to wheelchairs. There is a ramp at the back of the car that allows a person to enter the car. Instead of there being gas and break pedals, everything is controlled on the steering wheel similar to a motorcycle. The concept of this car is brilliant and Stacy raised the money necessary to make this dream of hers come true. Below is a picture of Stacy with the mayor of Pflugerville, Texas presenting the FIRST car!
Stacy was born with a form of muscular dystrophy and has never been able to walk. There are so many things we take for granted and hearing Stacy's story makes you appreciate the small things like being able to go to the grocery whenever you want and not relying on someone else to take you! However, with the invention of this car, Stacy will now be able to get places more easily. Although this car can only accelerate to 25 mph and cannot go on highways, it has a longer battery life than a wheelchair and will forever change the life of wheelchair-bound people. Did you know that a motorized wheelchair costs $30,000 and a wheelchair accessible van costs $80,000? Well this car costs only $25,000 so the affordability of this car is what makes it unlike any other cars out there.
I had to share with you this amazing story because we could not be more thrilled and proud of our good friend and all of the exciting things to come for Kenguru cars. If you want to learn more about this car, check out the Kenguru website. Pin It


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